[PAID]Pdfviewer made with webview + pdf.js

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In App Pdfviewer :
1 viewing pdf from assets, from private dir, from ASD, from sdcard.
2. No need Internet connection.
3. zoom in/out by two fingers
4. goto some page smoothly.
5. scrolled event to show you which page is in view

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This photo expains everything.

pdfPath: String. start with // means from assets, start with /sdcard/ means from sdcard, start with ~/ means from private dir. Both in companion and in apk.

pageRange: String. any range you want to show, like: 3, or 1-10, or 1,3,5, or 1-5,7-9

Demo video:

How to buy:

  1. Please try this demo apk to make sure it’s working for you, BEFORE you make the payment:
    pdfviewer.apk (5.6 MB)
  2. The only way to pay is by PayPal, send USD5 to here,
  3. PM me to request the aix.

don’t know how to PM?
Just click on my avatar/name, then click Message…


extension size?

About 280k

Hi, could you add search function on the extension?

does any one tried this extension on fenix and android 11?

because i can’t reach the developer to bu

The developer is active in the community so I’m sure he will contact you. Be patient


YES for viewing pdf from assets, from private dir, from ASD
NO for from sdcard.


I need to buy it … how can I pay to get it?

read first post plz

I already PM ed you twice but got no reply … 2 days ago

You have to pay first and then pm the developer that payment was send . See #post1

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thanks @dora_paz. we already contacted in DM.


Many thanks for this great extension … waiting for more features in the future

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Isn’t this extension already free?

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This is the initial version, which have bugs. I have remove it now. Thanks.


can we get it for free

No, this is a paid extension

Is developer is active now… can i get this extension from given url i dont have PayPal account… how can i buy it .Thanks in advance … i want to buy it

how can i get this extension

Please don’t lie like this, it shows how unethical you are.

Just wait for the developer to respond if they want to.