[PAID] Razorpay Gateway


Today i have successfully make a secure method to use razoypay payment gateway using php with webviewer if anyone interested to buy can pm me or u can check the demo app before buy.

What i get after buy ?

you will get 1 aia file & 1 web url for running the php

Dese it support for playstore ?

hmmm…i have not tested yet but m sure that its does not violent the google play policy

Bypass method ?

No…its securely make with JavaScript & php file specially for online builders so no1 can bypass this in webviewer

Demo Video

Download App

RezorpayGateway.apk (5.4 MB)

Price 150 INR


Do you mean it has been made for webpages?

hey its make with php & JavaScript so u can also use it with any webpages.

Super :heart:

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Thank you brooo :heart:

It will work Natively?

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Yup…try the demo application broh…its. Not a api or not any links payment it’s a custom payment gateway make with php so it’s working all time don’t worry about it…

can you add payout option in this method or script

? This is for payment broo…if u wants for payout than make it in ur app …

i dont know how to make it…i want instant payout method, when the user make a withdraw instant payout the cash in there bank or upi…

i search in google also…but i dint find a way…please help me if u can.

It’s not easy to make like this u have to register ur app to RBI than only the method works…

there are more app that payout instantly…by using…
cash free…/ paytm

i think we will need html script or extension for that

Nop…they all apps has been registered or may b the app owner have team who give it instantly…now don’t go off topic… thank you…if u have query about this u can pm me not ask here its a public post…

ok…thank you anyway

Pls give your WhatsApp number. I want to contact you for the extension

@Aditya_Jha You can pm him for extension


this is not an extension

which means, your app will be dependent on that webpage… and in case that page goes down, your app will not work anymore…


Hey @Taifun what u want to say? ? He asking for my WhatsApp number why u replying like that…:expressionless: If u don’t have any idea than ignore…

I already explained in other topics that i have 4-5 website running a high quality Hosting with 4gb core cpu & 6gb of ram also 400+ apps hosted on my server… Understand…now​:unamused::unamused::unamused:

I’m only explaining the risks involved in using your solution…

to avoid that risk for your clients, you additionally might want to sell your php and JavaScript source codes, so someone who is interested can set up his/her own server…

keep up the good work!


If they have problem they will contact to me or discuss with me…but please don’t tell anyone like that…from next time… thanks