[Paid] Recyclerview (ListView - GridView - StaggeredGridView) extension

Did you PM @salazar6cristopher

You can check features and choose the best for you, I already had recyclerview extensions but this is the last for a reason, check features again please

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1min before i contact with him​:grin:
Sorry for the rush. It will be the perfect savior for me


does it work with offline lists or only with airtable, mysql or firebase?

Does not depend on a connection at all, you can use it however you want.

This is a great extension however I couldn’t succeed to add data to widgets… Is there any trick to do that? If possible can you share a very easy example?
Thanks a lot.

This best extension to make dynamic without any lag…

I agree. Is there any documentation? I couldnt solve it from demo app…

a good documentation for this will be appreciated because this is very cool extension. hoping to buy afterwards.


New tutorial uploaded to Youtube



  • Added DiffUtils, an extension which makes performance even smoother.
  • Simplified Notify… blocks to NotifyDataSetChanged - RecyclerView detect all list changes with just one block.
  • Hex Colors support.

Hi, do you have any test apk?

Yes, please PM

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If anyone need list extension i highly recommended to use this extension.
This is best extension to make recycler
view and dynamic without any lag.Its Load large data smooth without any lag۔
Also you can customize list what ever you want۔

Thanks :heart: Christopher Salazar for creating this awesome extension.

And also sorry for bad english

Hello, I need this extension, but I would like to know if you also provide an AIA file to see how it works with airtable. I am attentive.

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I want to buy this extension.
i have two question.
Did it eat ram when adding image item? Cause if it eat ram, then if i add some big picture on recycle item then app will leak or crash.

2nd question can you add a block for admob or facebook native ads above of the list item?

Thanks in advanced.

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Amazing extension

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No, the app will not crash it uses cache loading.

hello how to buy this ,can i make any types of listview with it