[PAID] Secured MySQL Database Extension


Hey guys, you are all good in developing extension and that’s why each of you making this much of post… . Pls avoid, it is everyone willingness to buy the extension or not. Pls avoid hard talks. If you are interested contact the extension developer , buy it or talk in pm… and if possible just put a word for his effort to make the extension…


can write and run mysql query using the execute query block ??

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Welcome to community. Please do not use caps, we do not shout in the community and also we do not share private info such as email. Since you are a new member and can not use PM yet wait till the developer contacts you

hello everyone i lost my email and password of the old account so kindly PM me n this acc for buying the aix. thanx

yes u can check this

Greetings, is the extension for sale still available and updated? Yesterday I sent a private message requesting instructions to buy it and I have not received any response. Thank you