[PAID] Secured MySQL Database Extension

MySQL Extension Simple & Secured. Developed By Neo Developer

:bulb:  Current Version 1.0
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:package:  yt.neodeveloper.mysql
:date:   Created On 2021-08-31

Method Blocks


ColumnProperty - Create tables with given column property
columnName input type text
type input type text
length input type number
notNull input type boolean
autoIncrement input type boolean
unique input type boolean
defaultValue input type text


CreateTable - Create table
tableName input type text
columns input type list
primaryKey input type text


DeleteRecord - Delete table
tableName input type text
where input type text


Execute - Executes the commands
query input type text


Insert - Create tables with given column property
tableName input type text
columns input type list
values input type list


Select - Select table
tableName input type text
columns input type list
limit input type text
where input type text


Update - Updates the table
tableName input type text
columns input type list
values input type list
where input type text


Where - Where clause
conditions input type list
joinWithAnd input type boolean

Event Blocks


InsertFailed - Fires when data insertion failed
error output type text


InsertedData - Fires when data inserted


RecordDeleteFailed - Fires when delete failed
error output type text


RecordDeleted - Fires when deleted


SelectFailed - Fires when table select failed
error output type text


Selected - Fires when table selected
data output type text


TableCreateFailed - Fires when table create failed
error output type text


TableCreated - Fires when table created


UpdateFailed - Fires when data update failed
error output type text


Updated - Fires when data updated

Properties Blocks


ServerUrl - Sets the server url
➜ Input type text


UserName - Sets the server secured username (not the actual db username)
➜ Input type text


Password - Sets the server secured password (not the actual db password)
➜ Input type text

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Q.What We Get If We Buy This ??
A: 2 PHP Files and 1 Aix.

Q.Which Security You Have Used Here ?
A: I will tell the person who will buy it, nobody else.

Q. Is This Working With 000webhost ??
A. Yes Its 100% Working With 000webhost.

PRICE : 500 INR.

DM Me For Buy The Extension.


Hi @hemantadahalofficial,

I like to think your extension is misleading for the purpose of being “secure.” Connecting, remotely, to a database of any kind is insecure especially MySQL databases. This has been reiterated by me before, but I’m not sure if you saw that.


:octopus: Nathan


i didn’t mention anywhere that its 100% or 1000% i just mention that its secured so i don’t think that is misleading anything.
and for those who is thinking the same and ask me for the security or anything about the secured than its for u

The algorithm is secret so won’t be able to reveal anything in public. :unamused:
Else people will start reverse engineering

so its better to make it private.

and lastly also who thinking about that we can use web component and w3shools mysql php files or taifun’s mysql file than my reply for them is

Kodular is Kodular
Android Studio is Android Studio :joy: :joy:

now think urself what i mean by that :joy:


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@hemantadahalofficial you have gone too much #off-topic here…

@hammerhai just wanted to place his own opinion with his experience…

Secondly, every buyer has the right to get to know completely about the extension (except algorithm and source code) because he is gonna put his money earned from hard work so you must clear that what securities this extension provides with and how is this extension different from other mysql extensions (like deep host)


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Every HTTPS connection is packed with TLS encryption. You should explain how the extension is secure, I appreciate your work.

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m only tell all doubts about the aix for those who come here and think to reply.

ya that’s why m say this i also use mysql from 2014.

hmm i know everyone’s doubt is that that’s why its private if any user want to buy it than i will explain him about the security and than its their choice he want it or not.

and can u tell me which inbuild mysql component u r talking about??? i didnt find it in kodular

Not sure about the SQL component, I think he means this.


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lol hello @Akshat_Rana SQL & MySQL is same? :joy: :joy:
have u used mysql in ur app or know about the mysql database?

Hi @hemantadahalofficial and @Akshat_Rana,

My reply wasn’t based on that of past usage of MySQL, but based on research itself. No matter how you try connecting to a MySQL database, it can be insecure. Using “TLS” or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s not secure.


:octopus: Nathan


hey @hammerhai is ur mysql database got hacked by sql injection?
and from which year u r using it or doing research about mysql.

last questions to you. :innocent:

Can ur aix prevent it ?

I see secured word in every post written by you but, where is proof if its secure or not?



:pray: :pray:

come on dm than i will send u a apk just change the value which i call and update from mysql than u will see the proof :joy:

Also a notice for you

Kindly maintain ethics while posting in community,
I see on every post

I see caps,

Kindly be ethical as ethics result in nice discussion

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Its community, not a joke


one notice for u
dont reply if u didnt know about it.

i already reply ur all now reply this than i will not reply u anymore

Okay… its my mistake that i typed inbuilt component but if u r intelligent then u must read my post after that particular line that what i meant

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now u will got ur ans.
i know u r uisng deephost aix and taifun file so i know how

you r now end this i dont want to reply u anymore.

Hi again @hemantadahalofficial,

My thought that your extension is misleading doesn’t stem from an “SQL injection.” In fact, I don’t even use MySQL often, if even at all. I use other alternatives that are safer.

This only shows that your extension can do the most basic things required for an extension of this type. It’s nothing new.


:octopus: Nathan


so can u tell me which advance thinkgs u wish to do it from this aix?? i just tell him this

becuase he using the deephost aix and taifun file and he need proof that how its secured.

:clap: :clap:

It’s just a statement, he isn’t saying/expecting any advanced things.

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