[FREE] Unlock Key Extension

Hey, This is my first Extension :smile: : Unlock Key
Special Thanks To @help_cttricks for helping me out.


Unlock Key is a tool to securely decode the Keys of API/Secret of database which you have encoded using our service.


Get Actual KeyThis block will call the Actual api/secret/token etc which you have encoded

How its Works

I am going to encode the test text to show you. Enter your api/secrect/token after ?newkey= like this :arrow_down:


After that you will get the encoded text like this :arrow_down:

and use Obfuscated text or normal text and enter the encoded text here than its ready now u can set this for api/secret/token anything :heart: it will automatically call the actual text which you have encoded using our service. :blush:


Aix- com.UnlockKeyV2.aix (6.5 KB)

Visit this url : https://get-url.in/keygenerator/encode.php?newkey=
to generate key

SDK issue resolved.

Extensions is now updated and it is now work on every SDK levels

Thank You :india: :heart:


Well done!


thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you for your contribution…
however somehow I’m not sure if I understand, when exactly I could use the extension …
could you explain a little bit more in detail and provide an example, when exactly the use of the extension would make sense…
Thank you



I think that’s for some encryption?


Yes this is for encryption it will encrypted ur text/api/token anything…m already explained it check it :slightly_smiling_face:

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But one has to send their secret key in plain unencrypted text across the net with a get request to a third party web site, who can access this secret key, in order to get it encoded …


https:// is encrypted, thus you do not send ‘plain unencrypted text’ across the net.


what does this etension do???

Hey m already explained it…that why u sld use the Extension this for encryption ur token,api, secret key etc…

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Congrats @hemantadahalofficial

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Thank you @techVsurya

why should I send something via Internet to a third party website to encrypt something, if I can do it locally? for example by using this extension? App Inventor Extensions: AES Encrypt/Decrypt | Pura Vida Apps



If I hash my Secret or API or URL inside my app… it’s not gonna be a secure practice but if I hash it using my server codes which can only be decoded by this extension - make the process more secure and safe…

what exactly is the extension about? hashing or encryption?
see the difference here

There is a fundamental difference between Hashing and Encryption algorithms, see this stackoverflow answer: Hashing is one way. You can not get your data/string from a hash code. Encryption is 2 way - you can decrypt again the encrypted string if you have the key with you.

and here you are talking about decoding/encoding…
everything in this thread is a bix mix of everything… encryption/decryption, hash, encoding/decoding…



in short you can explain as;
The server script simply convert your key/API/Url into the Key which can be then decoded only by using this extension…

Also as i haven’t relesed this opensource so i don’t think, there is a need to explain about the backend. As i already siad you key/secrect/api/url is not gonna be stored on server it’ll simply get converted to a key taht my extension can simply convert it back to actual data.

Only for mister Taifun!!
On server [ When You Generate Key]:
the script 1st hash your key{data} using a custom pattern and set of hashing.
Now this hashed data is then encoded to add an extra layer of security. [ Basically it appears like a B64 string, So may be you are confused due to this. ]

To be honest your extension of encryption is super awesome. but if we encrypt that inside our app, then it won’t make any sense.

So here i have splited the security system into 2 set client and server… were you conert your data/key/api/url etc into a key which my server generates… and then you put it inot your apk… and here you use my extension which then converts back that key into the data/api/url/key etc into actual data

So if your api key is ABCDE00123
it’ll convert this data into a key

Now you keep this data into your server as key/api/url/secret etc
and use the key into the apk were before you make request to your server key/api/url etc it’ll get converted back into the actual data [ i.e : ABCDE00123 ]

Hope i’m clear…

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Great. Good job

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Thanks @Nisarga :heart:

you might want to read this



Okay… @Taifun