[FREE] Email OTP Verification[UNLIMITED]


Hi today i m going to share that i m giving Free Custom Email OTP Verification[UNLIMITED] for everyone to help.
note: i m not getting anything from this :slightly_smiling_face:

Any Day/Month/Year Limit To Use ?

No…u can use this on ur any app where u make signup with email also its Unlimited its not like firebase :sweat_smile:

How You Make This ?

i m using PhpMailer & some Php files to make this.

Extension & Blocks

You will get it here : [FREE] Unlock Key Extension


Aia File/Apk Download

Email_OTP_Verification.apk (5.4 MB)
Email_OTP_Verification.aia (10.1 KB)


i Don’t know how to Praise your Contribution.

Take it -



Really Big Thanks To You

I’m Searching For This Method For A Long Time Finally Here

Can you kindly show the blocks too? As it is a #guides:resources

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i Received the OTP.

But while verifying,
it always shows Wrong OTP.

I think u only face the problem broo check again … it’s 100% working :relaxed: m always test it before post

Hey already m add the main block Image and also the aia file so… I don’t think that i need to show all blocks :relaxed:

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Welcome broo :relaxed:

:relaxed::relaxed::heart::heart: I just wanna help everyone broo :india::pray:

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Here is the video see it’s 100% working :relaxed:

it worked on the 3rd attempt.
Don’t know why first 2 got wrong.

Edit -


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I think u send multiple times so that’s why it’s showing wrong otp because m set that if anyone click on send otp btn it’s generated new otp Everytime…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice, but would you like to explain how it works behind the screen. Any api, server, how ?
As you said Unlimited therefore I am interested to know it’s working.

Scripts PHP in Server.

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Dosen’t it costs to run server ?

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It’s cost for hosting not for emailing broo :relaxed:

That’s what I am asking, how are you able to provide it for free that though “Unlimited”

I am not demotivating you, but just wants to know how you are managing it. Nothing else :relaxed:

Nothing is unlimited in free It sends email directly from your gmail and gmail has 500 emails per day limit for a normal account

Hence if your app has much users so you have to upgraded your gsuite for more mails.

@themaayur i have 4+ websites and i have a Hosting which cost 5000+INR per year and i get everything unlimited so i m thinking to give free of cost service to everyone that’s it :slightly_smiling_face::pray: nothing else :india::relaxed:


Its not gmail its SMTP & PHPMAILER and also in my hosting there’s is not a limit to send email if anyone spamming with this otp method his ip has been automatically ban for 24 hours and he doesn’t receive OTPS in inbox folder too … I think now u understand…

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