(Paid)Selling Kodular App “Connect” Connect any website in one tap Version-2

Connect - Connect any website in one tap
Description :
Today I gonna introduce again you with “CONNECT” Professional App (I don’t know that it is professional or not :sweat_smile:) for working remotely in one tap. This app contains many features that you can read in the features section of this post.

Attractive Feature :
1- The First attraction of this app is the UI design and the movements of opening and closing websites and app .
2- The second attraction of this app is that in app you can connect to more than 40 websites in one tap.
3- For making screen large there a option to hide menu options it makes screen large to do work on sites .
4- A progress bar to show that the site is loading or not.
5-when there will not internet connection website will be closed automatically

!!! In app feedback options
!!! User can add their favourite site in the lists just putting site name and url with paid method
!!! In app updates

I am selling this app If someone will buy then i will always provide him/her all the new updates for the app after selling also like those upper upcoming features I will be connected to that person w\ho will buy it so i can provide him/her updates of app.

Video link of aap - - YouTube
Apk - CONNECtop (2).apk (6.4 MB)
Final price for app
– INR - Rs.-501

For buying PM me
Thanks for support …

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What is it actually? Is it a kinda browser?

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yes same but not same

Sorry but what did you actually mean?

this app can open 40+website in one tap no need to search or enter webaddress


Something like this? I don’t need to remember URLs for these sites, shortcuts will do that for me!

yes but it will not create shortcut in background you need to open app then touch on the site name and also provides a web view in app it will not open chrome or another browser

and also you can try app by installing it will take only 6 mb your mobile data

Got it! Thanks for clarification.

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