[PAID] StartApp Ads (Start.io) Extension - SDK V4.11.5

I want to buy that extension

Hello @Hadi_Editz, I’ve sent you the extension.
Thanks for purchasing this extension.

:android: SDK updated to V4.11.2

  • Improves ads experience.
  • Added webview activity for ads.

:android: SDK updated to V4.11.3

Date built: 01 December 2023 (GMT+ 6)

  • Added new native ad blocks.
  • Added new designer section into StartAppSdk component.
  • Added new helper blocks.

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all of your extension experience so good .can you please give me the update version please

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Hello @Asraful_Islam, please check your Telegram. I’ve already sent it.

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native ad blocks er video den

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Please use English as official language here.


:android: SDK updated to V4.11.4

Date built: 05 January 2024 (GMT+ 6)

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:android: SDK updated to V4.11.5 (Latest)

Date built: 27 January 2024 (GMT+ 6)

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please send me update app

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I can only use this with a Kodular Premium Account?

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Yes, Kodular premium is required.