[PAID] StartApp Ads (Start.io) Extension - SDK V4.11.5

[PAID] StartAppAds Extension - SDK V4.11.5

An extension to monetize your application with Startapp (Start.io) ads.

:question: What is Start.io?

Start.io is a mobile marketing and audience platform that enables mobile application developers and marketers to use artificial intelligence (“AI”) based tools for more efficient, effective and precise mobile marketing and audience targeting. Start.io (formerly StartApp) empowers the mobile app ecosystem and simplifies mobile marketing, audience building and mobile monetization. Start.io’s direct integration with over 500,000 monthly active mobile apps provides access to unprecedented levels of global first-party data, which can be leveraged to understand and predict behaviors, identify new opportunities, and fuel growth.

:handshake: Supported Mediation

  • Admob
  • AppLovin
  • IronSource
  • MoPub

    :sparkles: Start App Sdk

    Turn on test mode to test ads from your application.
    Initialize the SDK before load any ads. appId is string.
    InitializeSuccess event will be triggered when initialization done.



    :sparkles: Start App Banner

    Three types of banner ads are available. Set horizontal arrangement to layout.


    :sparkles: Start App Ads

    Five types of ads are available.

    :sparkles: Start App Native

    numberOfAds - is the number of ads to load.
    primary and secondary Image Sizes can be the following:

    Note: Size Px320x480 & Px480x320 can’t be used together with sizes Px72x72 & Px1200x628.
    Also Px72x72 & Px340x340 are the allowed ad Sizes for Secondary Image Size.



    Note: You must have Kodular Premium account.

    GitHub Repository ↓

    Implementation Guide Video ↓

    Extension specifications:

    :information_source: Size: 1.36 MB
    :android: SDK Version: 4.11.5
    :earth_americas: Released On: 25 June 2021 (GMT+6)
    :earth_americas: Updated On: 27 January 2024 (GMT+6)
    :baby_symbol: GitHub Repository: StartappAds
    :google_play: Demo Application: StartAppAds.apk
    :credit_card: Payment methods: Direct Download | PayPal | Skrill | TransferWise (Wise) | Xoom | Airtm | Binance | Crypto | Pyypl | Card Payment | UPI (:india:) | JazzCash (:pakistan:) | Bkash (:bangladesh:)


    :android: SDK updated to V4.10.5

    • Google Certified.
    • Improved privacy updates that will ensure you. follow data signals’ best practices and policies.
    • Unity updates for Android activation.
    • New Publisher Logs for outdated SDK adapter versions.
    • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.
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    :android: SDK updated to V4.10.6

    • Google Family Policy Updates for mixed audiences.
    • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.
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    :android: SDK updated to V4.10.7

    • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.
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    Is the extencion free?

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    No, it’s paid extension. You’ve to purchase it from me. After purchased, you’ll be available to receive next sdk updates free.

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    Why you posting against me again and again, can’t see that I’ve published tutorial video?

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    Facebook moved for bidding only, now you need to use at least one mediator with Facebook for use bidding.

    Admob, AppLovinMax, IronSource etc

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    :android: SDK updated to V4.10.8

    • Display Interstitial adExperience enhancements.
    • Video Interstitial adExperience enhancements.
    • Bug Fixes and stability enhancements.
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    :android: SDK updated to V4.10.11

    • Removed some deprecated methods.
    • Extension size is decreased 0.29 MB.

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    :android: SDK updated to V4.10.12

    • Removed some deprecated methods.
    • Optimize ad loading speed.


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    very good extension
    thanks… [Jewel Shikder Jony]

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    :android: SDK updated to V4.11.0

    • Improves ads experience

    Very nice extension. Thank you very much jewel shikder jony. Can you please give me the update version

    • Added helper blocks. It will help you to setup blocks quickly.
    • Extension is divided by multi-component system.
      Now you can only drag that component which one is only needed for you.