Google will remove apps from january: StartApp Ads need SDK update

Hello, I’m having a problem with the StartApp ads because according to google it is outdated and will remove the apps from January, I looked in the kodular documentation:
StartApp Banner Version used: 4.9.2, and the latest version: 4.10.1 google is already asking for the last one how do I do it?

Message from Google:

Issue encountered: User data policy issue due to SDK

Your app with version code 4 includes SDK com.startapp:inapp-sdk

As per the information provided by your SDK provider, please upgrade to 4.10.1. For more information, see the SDK provider.

ACTION REQUIRED: Upload a compliant version AND deactivate the other

If you do not retire APKs that are out of compliance, it is possible that all active APKs will be removed.

As a premium user, you can use this extension, which uses the latest sdk 4.10.5 ↓

It’s not because of outdated SDK. It’s because this nonsense ad network was involved in stealing users data. Apps containing SDK that involves in this theft, will be removed.

Don’t mislead community members and Kodular staffs. Instead of asking for an SDK update, better if you use another ad network.

Conclusion : Users are more important than developers to Google. Better you and these ad networks learn a lesson about your / their limit of independences.

This message is official from Google they are charging for the update and not removal from the ad network and another if this ad network has fraud why is it still available through the kodular platform?
At no time am I deceiving the community, but I am explaining Google’s statement about one of the components legally made available by the platform itself.

I would also not advise anyone to use Startapp ad network. Never heard that this ad network was involved in stealing users data, but if it’s true I would not be surprised

More reasons to never use StartApp:

  1. Very Low Revenue | Lowest from all
    It has extremely low eCPM in all niches, even top country like USA has less than 1$ I’ve even seen it at 0.02$ in USA Traffic, which is ridiculous and a huge scam.

  2. I got information from many sources and developers that this Ad Network Terminates your account when you are about to reach the minimum threshold for withdrawing a payment. They just steal money

  3. I’ve seen some ANRs in Console, caused by StartApp.

  4. When used this ad network, I’ve tried disabling all active ads from the dashboard, but they still continue to show their ads. After reaching their support team dozens of times and had a good argue, they finally stopped the ads. This means if you integrate Startapp, you will likely be forced to launch new update after that if you want to stop StartApp Ads

P.S. I am looking for someone to confirm if has used StartApp for a long time and actually got a payment from them

Hello friend, I’ve been using it for years and I’ve always received payment normally, it’s a little lower than admob in terms of cpm, however because admob has more policies and it’s increasingly difficult to use only admob, I use StartApp, the only problem is really this update that is asking and only kodular can update.

No! What kind of app do you use ads on? It just ask to publish your app to a trusted store to enable ads. Quality and Quantity can never be under the same roof! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile:

It is official for sure. Didn’t they stolen data?

Friend, you didn’t understand, Google didn’t ask to remove the ads just to update the platform’s SDK, if the network steals data, I’ve never heard of it, but if so, it’s the platform itself that has to remove the possibility of monetization from it.


Start. io (StartApp) is one of the most popular installed ad SDKs across Android apps worldwide (top 5).

Also, it is a verified SDK by Google Play

Should there is any other concern, we’d be happy to address it – please contact us.


The Start. io team

…with full of junks!

Did not you guys stolen data from users recently? Google should ban these untrustworthy networks which involves in selling user’s privacy for money.

References :

Therefore, it does not matter even if it’s world’s top most installed SDK, it remain untrustworthy.

As mentioned before Everyone in community should respect each other
no one is allowed to use such word that can start the fighting scenario or something that should not be used or happen in Communities
If have done something so please aware users not to use it or something like that
@asimjib93 you might be right but please dont use such word that can start fighting scenario as who can verify that is a official Account of ==STARTAPP ADS ==
Hope Everyone Will maintain and Respect the Rules and Regulation of Kodular Community

Your Support is highly appericiated


Google updates its policies from time to time, and we update our SDK accordingly as a certified SDK.
Mobile data signals enable digital advertising across the industry and we ensure our platform is aligned with the industry standards and policies.

As we communicated early this year, we urge our developer community to update our SDK to version 4.10.1 (or above).

[Re: SDK Update – Google Developer Program PolicyUNIQID]

We are here for you with any questions you may have.

The Start. io team

So the problem is that the SDK provided by the kodular platform is still out of date, I never had a problem with, I always received my earnings correctly and on the corresponding dates, however due to the fact that google is warning that in January it will remove the app if it has the old SDK, who has it, will have to remove it and place another type of ad.