[PAID] StartAppAds Extension - SDK V4.10.5

[PAID] StartAppAds Extension - SDK V4.10.5

An extension to monetize your application with Startapp (Start.io) ads.

What is Start.io?


Start.io is a mobile marketing and audience platform that enables mobile application developers and marketers to use artificial intelligence (β€œAI”) based tools for more efficient, effective and precise mobile marketing and audience targeting. Start.io (formerly StartApp) empowers the mobile app ecosystem and simplifies mobile marketing, audience building and mobile monetization. Start.io’s direct integration with over 500,000 monthly active mobile apps provides access to unprecedented levels of global first-party data, which can be leveraged to understand and predict behaviors, identify new opportunities, and fuel growth.

Supported Mediation

  • Admob
  • AppLovin
  • IronSource
  • MoPub

    Extension Properties

    Turn on test mode to test ads from your application.

    Initialize SDK

    Initialize the SDK before load any ads. appId is string. InitializeSuccess event will be triggered when initialization done.

    blocks (1)

    Banner/MRec/Cover Ad

    Three types of banner ad available. Set horizontal arrangement to view and set adFormat from extension properties.

    1. Banner
    2. Mrec
    3. Cover

    blocks (2)

    Interstitial/Rewarded/OfferWall Ad

    Six types of ad available. Set adMode from extension properties.

    1. Automatic
    2. Full Page
    3. Offer Wall
    4. Rewared Video
    5. Interstitial Video
    6. Overlay

    blocks (3)

    Back Pressed

    Set this function on back pressed event to show ads when user press on back button or back gesture.

    blocks (4)

    Cusomizable Native Ad

    adsNumber is the number of ads to load. primary and secondary Image Sizes can be the following:0 – for image size 72px X 72px. 1 – for image size 100px X 100px. 2 – for image size 150px X 150px. 3 – for image size 340px X 340px. 4 – for image size 1200px X 628px. 5 – for image size 320px X 480px. 6 – for image size 480px X 320px. Note: Size 5-6 can’t be used together with sizes 0-4. Also 0 - 3 are the allowed ad Sizes for Secondary Image Size.

    Note: You must have Kodular Premium account.

    GitHub Repository ↓

    Extension specifications:

    Size: 1.61 MB
    SDK Version: 4.10.5
    Last amendment: 31 October 2022
    GitHub Repository: StartappAds
    Demo Application: StartAppAds.apk
    Payment Methods: Binance | Skrill | Wise | Pyypl | Xoom | Pay2Me | bkash | Nagad | Rocket


    :loudspeaker: SDK updated to V4.10.5 (Latest)