Your app includes non compliant SDK version

I’m publishing these apps on play store, making them with kodular and using monetization but this warning is coming in apps, how to solve it?

Issue found: User Data Policy Issue by SDK

Your app com.QUICKYcode.rony version code 9 includes SDK com.startapp:inapp-sdk, or an SDK that one of your libraries depends on, potentially facilitates the transmission or collection of installed packages without meeting the prominent disclosure guidelines and/or privacy policy guidelines.

Please ensure that you are being transparent in how you handle user data (e.g., information collected from or about a user, including device information). That means disclosing your app’s access, collection, use, and sharing of the data, and limiting the use of the data to the purposes disclosed. If your app handles sensitive user data, then you must follow the User Data Policy.

Starting from November 22, 2022 midnight (UTC), new app releases containing the SDK version(s) that do not comply with the User Data Policy will be blocked from release. You may consider upgrading to a policy-compliant version of this SDK that does not include the violating code, if available from your SDK provider; moving to another SDK; or removing this SDK.

According to the information provided by your SDK provider, you may consider upgrading to 4.10.1. Please consult the SDK provider for further information.

ACTION REQUIRED: Upload a compliant version AND deactivate the noncompliant version

Read through the User Data policies for more details, and how to submit an updated app for review here. If you do not deactivate the non-compliant APK, all your live APKs may be removed due to this non-compliant APK.

Check that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies. Additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.

If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel our decision may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team.

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Don’t use in your app! It is not compliant with Google Play Developer Program policies.

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So what can I do now? Will apps be unpublished? Then remove monetization and use any other monetization? And what to update?

Do you know what the problem with is?
If you know, better you never ever use this platform again.

And if you don’t know, let me inform: was stealing sensitive data from devices and selling them with third party. Yes, you heard you right. They were selling personal data from all your users from long ago. As per the notice by Google, has acknowledged that they were selling those data. Therefore, Google restricted using it.

Also, as per Google, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re not sharing any sensitive user data with third party (i.e : Your Ad network). If you’re doing this thing repeatedly, your account and/or app could be banned permanently.

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Yes, remove it and use another ad network, then update your apk

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Ok, I’m unpublishing now, and republishing with the new monetization sdk installed

Which network app should I use now that will increase monetization income?

Google ad manager, admob, fb, ironsource, etc

yesterday the app was updated, I removed the components, but as I said today I went to try to send another version to update to see, and the message appears again, informing about version 38 which is the one that it has component, I want to know if there is any way to type delete or undo this version, as the latest version is already correct. Or if I just have to wait for everyone to update to the new version?

Your previous version deactivates as soon as your newer version gets live

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Good, I just thought it was strange that I simulated sending another version today to see, and this message about the of the previous version still appears, good but I did what I should which is to update a version without Thanks for the answer.

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I don’t have google adsense approval so I can’t use ad manager, and I can’t use google admob extension or any other problem.

Thanks you

My apps are not using or any ads, how can I update my apps cantains ads option and update ads free by uploading this update of play store? So that my apps are not showing any ads?

Since you’re updating an ad free version apk, you need to update following things:

  1. Update your “App Content” on play console, that this app doesn’t contain ads. May be it’s the last option in sidebar of play console.

  2. Update new apk. As soon as it gets live, the lable “contains ads” will be disappeared from Play store.

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