[PAID] TempMail - Free Temporary Disposable Fake Email [Unique Project]

Name of the app

TempMail - Free Temporary Disposable Fake Email

Short Description:

Do you hate spam marketing emails from the websites you signed into. That’s what we don’t like either. So we found a way to stay away from spam mails. We made TempMail - Free Temporary Disposable Fake Email, where you can get a random emails to use to sign into any websites and apps. It’s really reliable & fast.

✓ Unlimited fake emails
✓ Easy to use
✓ Minimal UI design
✓ Click to copy email
✓ Generate new email id in one click
✓ and many more…


Demo App link:



  • Buy on aia store - ₹100 (INR) = ~ $1.37 (USD)
  • Direct Buy - ₹80 (INR) (through UPI only)

Link of AIA Store

How did you Do using hosting or some Api

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The UI looks good.

How did you get temp mails

He is usingTmail Script he hosted this on his hosting & works with api u also can create ur own…i already created this in 2020

But any ways @hemantadahalofficial his app’s UI is really awesome

Thanks @Xoma @Aditya_Nanda

@Enderman @hemantadahalofficial
no I’m not using any kinda script

As I researched In google You are using 1sec MAIL: disposable temporary email API

Is it right

Yes, absolutely @Enderman