[PAID] Unity Ads Mediation : Bidding Made easy

An extension for UnityMediationSDK (only for mediation users). Provides all necessary functions to bid.

Supported Networks :

  • Ironsource
  • Unity
  • Facebook
  • Adcolony
  • Admob
  • Vungle

Mediation SDK Version : 1.0.0
Ads Types Supported for Mediaton : Interstitial and Rewarded


(Bit too large :sweat: )


Must be dependent on ad network you bid with, but with default config :

Benefits Of Mediation

  • Better Fill Rate
  • Better Revenues
  • Ads with highest revenue are display
  • More Optimized implementation of Multiple Ad networks through Same code

Instructions To Buy
Contact me here or on Telegram: Contact @beastunknown2166 mentioning your required Bidding Partners (If Any)


Great extension.

Hi, I had some problems using the extension, however it was fixed using this sequence of blocks.
I hope this help somebody.

Hello, your blocks are of unity ads, mine extension is for Unity mediation, which is a different SDK from original one. Kindly check before posting :upside_down_face: