[PAID] V2.0 Youtube Thumbnail Downloader Aia

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Features :

:star2: Pro version in app ( enable user to download Thumbnail in ULTRA HD resolution )
:star2: Google in app billing
:star2: Paytm & instamojo gateway both
:star2: Beautiful UI
:star2: DIRECT Download from youtube app
:star2: Multiple quality options
:star2: Sharing option

Note - There is no bug in this app, it requires me a lot of time to find all the bugs. So don’t worry :wink:

Screenshots :

Test apk - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yedevelopment.td

There are so many things - just check the apk

To buy, pm me

Price :point_right: for india - 200 rupees and for others - $3


Good work and cool UI

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Nice :ok_hand: 10k+ download :exploding_head:

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