[PAID] VideoSplit - Extension to split, merger and crop videos


The VideoSplit extension is designed to enhance video manipulation capabilities in Kodular projects. This extension allows you to split, resize, cut, and extract audio from videos, along with downloading and handling video files.


  • Split Video: Divide a video into multiple parts.
  • Cut Video: Trim a section of a video.
  • Extract Audio: Isolate audio from a video within a specified time interval.
  • Download File: Download a file with a URL to the device.
  • MergeVideos: Merge multiple videos into one
  • RemoveAudioTrack: Remove audio track from a video
    • I removed VideoResize and added the RemoveAudioTrack method!

  • CompressVideo: Compress a video file"


Splitting a Video

Use SplitVideo(inputVideoPath, numberOfParts) to split a video into the specified number of parts. This function operates in a separate thread to ensure UI responsiveness.

Cutting a Video

You can cut a segment from a video by using CutVideo(inputVideoPath, startTime, endTime), specifying the start and end times in seconds.

Extracting Audio

Extract audio within a given interval using ExtractAudioInInterval(inputVideoPath, startTime, endTime).

Downloading Files

The DownloadFile(fileUrl, title, description, fileName, myDirName) function allows you to download files with specified details.


The MergeVideos(videoPathList, outputVideoPath) function allows you to merge multiple videos into one.


  • OnDownloadCompleted: Triggered when a file download completes.
  • VideoSplitterCompleted: Fired upon successful video split.
  • VideoResizerCompleted: Activated when a video is resized successfully.
  • VideoCutterCompleted: Occurs when a video cut operation completes.
  • AudioExtractorCompleted: Announces the completion of the audio extraction process.


Some operations might require runtime permissions like READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, especially for devices running on older Android versions.

Error Handling

Each operation comes with a corresponding ‘Failed’ event to handle errors gracefully.

Blocks and demo

Payment methods and price

The price of the extension is €8.00 and can be paid via PayPal. For Brazilians we offer payments via PIX.

This document gives a brief overview of the VideoSplit extension for Kodular users, highlighting its functionalities and usage.


Show the extension working. Just a suggestion.


I removed VideoResize and added the RemoveAudioTrack method!

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