[PAID] WhatsApp stickers app aia for sale | Dynamic airtable database

Hello everyone,
I hope you guys are fine in these tough times. Today I present one of the most demanding kodular aia file that is the WhatsApp stickers app aia file. You can add unlimited WhatsApp stickers to the app. Very high-quality and dynamic app with easy-to-use and innovative UI. Such apps are very high-demanding on playstore as well.
900 Rs ($15) worth of WhatsApp sticker extension by @Jerin_Jacob is included free of cost with the aia.
Some of the app features :

  1. Dynamic app with custom list design.
  2. Airtable connected app with unlimited WhatsApp stickers.
  3. Create multiple sticker categories from the database.
  4. Lifetime support for app updates.

Price : Rs. 2999 ($45 Paypal )
One package name will be registered for each purchase.

For Test APK, purchase, and more details: Click here

Screenshots :

Hitesh K. Yadav
Indian developers


Do you have permission from @Jerin_Jacob to do so?

I think no, and @Jerin_Jacob will never give permission like this :joy:

You are not the one to answer and i think @Jerin_Jacob has given permission as he liked the topic but maybe there could be a condition that the user who purchases this aia then probably the OP of this topic would give jerin jacob the price of extension. But still it should be answered by @hitesh .

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According to aia price i think Extension price is included in aia price.

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yes I have. he is my friend.

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yes jerin has given the permission. that’s so obvious and I have mentioned as well.


yes dear. that’s true.

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