[Paid] Work Management App⛑️Mates + admin apps with many functions

Work Management App Features:

1. Email & Google Login Feature: login, Signup & Forget Password Screen
Note: Facebook and apple icon just for a showcase for now it’s not functional

2. Home Screen

3. Project Details & Task Screen: There is 6 Project in which you can generate unlimited task Through the Admin app

4. Task Details Screen:

5. Your Task section:

6. Wallet section & Transaction history:

7. Profile Section:

8. Group Chat:

App Admin:

  1. Can give a task to a particular user
  2. Send in-app notifications
  3. Can set Rate of exchange & Minimum Withdrawal Amount Limit
  4. Can see the number of withdrawal requests & Completed task details. and more

Mate app for test
Admin app for test
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Pricing & How to Buy
Send PM (Personal Message) to me to know about the Price and other information.

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If you are unable to send PM then contact me on Instagram (Username: kreative.store )

I would like to thank Kodular :kodular: for this great platform. And These extension owners
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Special Thanks To Still-learningGSR For helping me to solve some problems.

Congratulations! Good functions and a super UI.

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Thanks for review

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