[Paid Work] Need a full qualified extension developer

I want a extension that can create crypto wallet using algorithm.

Look at this website this is open source website and using the same algorithm to create a crypto wallet. All source codes are available in GitHub.

When you create a new wallet you get 12 words of backup phrase and a special wallet address linked with the new created account.

Extension developers please look in to the source codes and make a extension for me i want to create new wallets and import old i can pay any amount you ask.

I’m adding a video url you can check how this website works.

You can use the website in webviewer so what’s need of extension?

No i dont want to use it in webviewer i need a extension i want to made my on ui can you please make a extension for me?

What’s your budget?

I can pay any amount you want

@vknow360 this is your chance in becoming a millionair :moneybag:


To be honest, this was the break I wanted my whole life :innocent:

money GIF

@vknow360 please make extension for me im in really need of this