Pan to search result feauture

helo dear community. if you a lot of blocks for example more than a thousand it is very hard and tiring for finding some block, some text or some variable in the blocks area. i think it would be very helpfull to find something with special search box.

thank you

I agree that we could think about something like this, but it is important organize your blocks too.

i was with the same problem that you have, I partially solved it organizing my blocks in three or more columns like this:

First column: The main visible components. If some component or arrangement is too big I create a column for it.
Second column: Not always visible component, like search bar and others arrangements that appears when user press a button or something like this.
Third column: Not visible components like clock, tinydb, etc
4th column: Procedures, variables (I always put variables on top), blocks related to extensions etc
5th column: Blocks relative to the Screen (back pressed, initialize, etc)

Doing this I can find much easier what I want because I already have an idea of where to find. Then I zoom in or out and Ctrl+F sometimes.

Plus, sometimes I collapse some blocks that I know I won’t change anymore (like activity starter, notifier, admob, push notifications etc) so the area and number of blocks to look for will be smaller.


Some good points. I have 4000 blocks and I know where roughly everything is based on what it does.

Spend an hour, and organize, However I agree that some panning, search or management functions would be really great. Highlight where a variable i used, or when a function is used. That would be super cool.