Parse error message during installation

Hello all, god evening from Nigeria, please of recent, i have been building apps and when installing, i get a parse error, have scrutinized through my app over again but nothing seems to be out of place, in fact this evening i built a welcome screen with timer navigating to screen2 and yet i still get a parse error message during installation. i need your help or advice on this. thanks

What is your mobile android version


version 7, and i didn’t even change my API’s. i left them default, even on my android studio emulator, it isn’t running

Can you please send an aia that is crashing on your device?

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What does it look like. Do you use big assets/images.

i kinda used image as the wallpaper, could that be the issue?

okMedic_DIY.aia (1.1 MB) Medic_DIY.aia (1.1 MB)

i will appreciate you check it out, thanks

Medic_DIY.aia (1.1 MB)

please this is the .aia plz i will appreciate you help me out on this.

Remove your package name or name it correctly ex. format xxx.your_domain.your_appname


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It’s 1.1MB! :neutral_face:

Do what Boban said!

(your packageName is: MEDIC DIY and should be:

where is we edit package ?