Parse image from blogger json API

Hello coders, Good day.
I am working with blogger json API to fetch posts on app. Everything is fine with post title and subtitle. But the problem is, I am unable to get the thumnail. Tried 3-4 pairs to get it, but no result.

Blocks I’ve used:

Result I get:

Desired result:
Thumbnail of each posts on left side.

Anyone know how to solve this?

Show what data you get in global variable thumbnail

It returns blank. As blogger api does not have a media$thumbnail string to call.

Post data what you get in globalalldata

Make request like that.
This way image url get in json data key

Thanks for reply. But the problem is, I am not getting able to get the image url from post. Any help regarding this?

And what will the link return? Can you please elaborate a bit?

Wow! Great man. Let me try it quickly. I will back to you in a few minues.

Use this coding to parse image url

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