Pass values over the screens and sum it- The Quiz app

Hi. I’m new to Kodular and I’m really enjoying it. Among my studies I can already make a screen open another. I’m doing a quiz, where the user selects the right answer of the question between two buttons, and if the answer is right, when going to the next screen, it displays a message that the user got the previous question right, adds 5 points and so on answer the next question. There are only 5 questions. The question is the problem: I can’t make the sum of the right (or wrong) value of the question be added to the temporary sum variable. There is already a list that retrieves the value of the previous screen, but does not add and does not display. Is it possible to do this from one screen to another? Add the value of the previous answer to that of the current question and pass it all to the next screen? Detail: to pass the value from one screen to another I have 2 labels, one with the text “5” and another with the text “0” (5 for the right answer and 0 for the wrong answer). And that goes to the other screen, but it doesn’t add up and it doesn’t display on the screen. That’s the problem. Thanks in advance.

Mate dont make multiscreen thing. Make it all of them in one screen so you can use two global variables for corrects and wrongs. no need to pass value to another screen

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Thank´s for your reply gio06 Gio, but I need to try using the pass to other screen´s. I saw on YouTube that your idea it´s possible with one screen, just change the values, but for my studies I wanna know if my idea is possible. Pass from one screen to another I can, but not sum the right answers with 5 points at right question. Thank´s a lot for your suggestion!

Ok then use this block to send the value you want to the other screen.
number of corrects can be anything you want.


and then in the other screen you can get that value like this


you will find these blocks in blocks section, Control sub division.