Pathak Tambaku Bhandar - Dynamic App in Kodular

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  1. I don’t think this is an app because, it just convert values to JSON. No any “Get Data” feature etc.

  2. Also an end-user can’t use JSON files. So if you are making store billing data app, then you need to use TinyDB instead of JSON. And user must see all data, delete, update, search and all actions.

  3. Wrong title usage: Kodular didn’t made this app so saying “from Kodular” in title is wrong.

  4. Wrong title usage 2: This is not best dynamic app (and even not dynamic) without any stats. There are a lot of dynamic apps, and this is not best. So saying “Best Dynamic App” in title is wrong also.

  5. Without no APK or AIA, this topic is useless.

Then you could have created this topic after 2 days. But looks like you created earlier.