Pattern lock possible?

Hey there,
I just wanted to know whether it is possible to add pattern type lock in app built on Makeroid.

Do you want to lock your app or the entire phone?

Hope u read it carefully now.
Btw do you have any solution?

Yes, I think this might be possible with the help of drawing and animation components.
But I have never tried this before, so I am not sure. But i will try to make this.

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I also thought of it before but I don’t have any experience working with drawing and animation components.
But I will try it.

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But I have the idea.
Did you know the drawing type app, it would be similar to those with slight changes.

But how will you compare that whether the pattern is same or not?

I do not have much idea. I need to try it first. Just wait for 2 hours. I’m on the way

here a one method


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