Payment Gateway from Indonesia

Hello Guys,

I need help with information about payment gateways from Indonesia, I’m looking for ways to make it. Or can anyone help me to make it? I am ready to pay if there is. contact me…
Thank you

Sorry but please remove your whatsApp no. From the post… It against the community…

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and if you want I can help you for PayPal gateway…
Or any other gateway…

Paypal is okay, but if the others can be better, I have examples of electronic money in Indonesia, for example GoPay: Uang Elektronik / Dompet Digital Terbaik di Indonesia and

You can try.

sorry but if you provide any of the link details then i can help you… @jes_lovme05

Check this link Menerima semua metode pembayaran dengan xenpayments | Xendit

do you have it ??

No, i need it

I guess you need an API for that.

Salam gan

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Please Example… for API with kodular payment gateway indonesia

Bantuin gan

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I need it too, i want to put some payment method in my project. But i can’t apply the API of Payment company to the kodular block
Like Gojek, LinkAja, Ovo, etc

You can use API from and use terminal extension to post or get.

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Thks is good idea… with curl