Payment Issue in eCommerce app

Hello Kodular developers and users i want to add payment method in my eCommerce app but i don’t have knowledge that how can i do this so please guide me.

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There is some paytm extensions available. Search it in the forum

i know but bro it can be bypass

Which extension are you talking about ? Made by deephost or made by abhijith ?

Abhijit’s (@Abhijith_Dominic) extension is safe if you integrate it correctly. If you use DeepHost Extension as the checksum will be generated in deep’s server it may be vulnerable.

I suggest you to use Google Payment ( In App Purchase) as it’s a lot secured an can’t be bypassed.

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Bro Google in app billing is bypass by Lucy patcher right??

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I don’t know exactly but it’s better that those both extension in my opinion…

You can choose the best option for you !!

Ask @Abhijith_Dominic to know how to avoid bypass. He may direct you.

I have Stopped the development of my Paytm Extension as many users were not Able to successfully generate the checksum. I will be working on a new Version which generates the checksum using java… It cannot be bypassed.

It depends on the developers skill (both extension and app)whether a payment can be bypassed or not

Hey why u r not developing instamojo extension of u develop it successfully then this issue for all is solved

Instamojo cannot be made as a extension

Why sir we can make Paytm extension then y not instamojo I am just asking

Instamojo has a different procedure

I think you should buy a Web Payment Gateway and then integrate with your app . it think that will work you or you can make a E commerce Website and then convert it into app

pm me if you need any help with @Abhijith_Dominic 's extension. his extension is working but need alot of time to make it work plus you need your own private server.

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Yeah, but if you track users’ app data (and other required data) with Firebase, you can understand who is trying to get a lot of digital products unexpectedly.

How bro can you tell me

i have paytm payment extension if you need than contact me on [email protected]

You can use instamojo without any extension brother…

Hey how bro

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