Payment methods between users

I was checking the community and did not find anything on this specific topic. I would like to know if it is possible and what payment methods can be used for users to transfer money to each other from a purchase. For example, an online store …
I’m sorry if I don’t explain myself well

I don’t really think that you searched for it. There are lots of topic related to payments. You can use UPI Payment method.

Upi payments are geared towards India. It is a standardized unified payment interface promoted by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India in Spanish) where all the Indian banks that operate there are included. I’m looking for something more global, not all of us here are from India

Still I would say, you’ve not searched the community. Because I can see many topics related to PayPal Payment.

I never talk about Paypal, I have also searched and did not find a specific topic on this.
Could you send me an example?

Next tym search

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This extension is only to generate income for developers, except that a user makes those instructions to get the data requested by the extension, but that would go against Paypal’s policy

So make your own wallet…
Make users to pay from that wallet to one another…