Paypal Payment Integration

Please I want to add Paypal payment system to my app. I have gotten the extension but how to create the merchant account and integrate it into the app is now my major problem. I have browsed the community and found some help which I have used to do a test mock up account and it worked, but to do the actual integration is the issue I am having now. Please anyone who can help should do. Thanks

You should google it or search on youtube

After creating the merchant account you can ask the extension developer for help about integrating it

I got no reply about integration from the developer

What are you saying here first look at this and you are now saying you have not received any help from developer

Please post which extension you are using?

This is the extension I used

This extension is on Thunkable then why you have not asked there
You must create topic about that on Thunkable

Use this

Instead of that

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Don’t recommend this extension now. This extension is no longer working and extension developer is also not available right now.

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so what do you think I do? This has delayed me for 1 month. I tried. Is there any other general payment system? apart from Playstore payment or subscription?

Use this extension

let me check it out. Thanks already

@Atom_Developer has already discontinued it…

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