Paytm account to another's Paytm account Transaction extensions (Paid)

This will probably be the first option by which you can transfer money.
This is my new extension through which you can send money from your Paytm account to another’s Paytm account, without any interruption, if you have people’s support, then I can combine the mode of receiving money from one paytm account to another Paytm account.

It’s just a beta version for this, I want 2 people. Who can tell me its drawbacks by checking it for me. But that will not be worthless .To get this function, beta version tester will have to give only ₹ 200.


i wantb the estention

200 Dollar Do you believe tthat someone will pay 200 Dollar. I dont. But nice work i wish you luck that someone pays you what you want.


that’s not 200 dollars. It is in rupees, which will convert to around 2.72 dollars


Thoda kam karde bhai I want this extension.

its not in dollars its in rupees

Hello i want this extension can you give me your whatsapp number so i can contact you

@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu is this extension still in beta or can I purchase? I have no longer see you online this days

Hey shivendra kr sahu i want buy this extension can you please tell me the procedure to buy it. Please try to reply as early as possible. Thank You

Dont post personal info on the forum. Just pm the developer

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@Peter i thought he edited it himself Lol

i want to buy how to buy tell me

First post example application

it’s 200 ruppess

How to get success or faild response, add that

I want this extension how to buy.

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I want this extension Reply me