Paytm Payment Gateway In your App - [PAID]

Hi Koders,

Are you an Indian Developer or developing any type of e-commerce app that require Paytm as a Payment Gateway in your App?

If Yes, then you are at the right place here we have developed a fully secure and Non-Bypassable way by which you can Implement Paytm as Payment Gateway in your App.
Till, Now we have sold this method through you channel, and the main thing i want say that their is no issued reported by any of them till now.

No Extension is Used

PRICE : Rs. 250

Demo Apk:
– OR –
Direct Download Link:

Purchase Link :
(Please Carefully Read )
You will get all the Documentation and even a Full Video Guide, So that you can setup all the changes for yourself


So there is already a topic about this?

No, By Channel i mean my YouTube channel, No Duplicate Topic is created by me on this Community!

This code is written by you or belongs to you.

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The Aia is fully belongs to me and the code is official Paytm Provided, But I have modified it so that it can be used with Kodular Apps

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But I am already sharing this trick for free to Everyone…

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Official language is english not Hinglish

the script is not working any more .when payment done does not call response php

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Hello. Can we use this link for cash withdrawal in kudular app.
Will it really working use in money transaction in app .

Welcome to the community, Actually, I will show you all one thing today, many few users know about it,

The great @pavi2410 Made paytm extension that is free and open source too, I don’t know why he didn’t published it :thinking:


PayTM.aix (61.6 KB)

Mods to note : I gave the aix coz pavitra didn’t provided a compiled form of aix


Hope it helps


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