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I have a paytm merchant acccount. I want to accept payments using payment link. But each link is accepting only three transactions. Does anyone know anything about payment link limits ? Or does the paytm KYC matter in this issue ?

I never found such. Even i am using Paytm links to accept payment… Check it again…

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Even i dont know why this is happening. But i am facing this issue for all my payment links only three transaction …then invalid

May I ask why are you asking this in the Kodular forum? Shouldn’t you ask in a Paytm support page?

I asked in paytm forum also. But i just wanted to ask whether any of kodular user has faced this kind of issue in their blocks

I have changed the category to #off-topic as it is not related to Kodular


Here I have found d a Video where you can Add Paytm as a Gateway in your App and Accept unlimited transection

No, NYC doesn’t Matter here

I have seen this video…but im not getting which url he is using to redirect to paytm. As he has blurred that area

you can use deep host aix

download aix from here

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I had a talk with Paytm support. From now onwards starter pack payment links will allow only three transactions per link…they did this to avoid frauds.

Are you using this link?

Yes im using that link…

Are buddy, From now onwards they have made this decision… i dont know why…but my links are accepting only three transactions. Also i tried from two other merchant accounts …same thing i observed…the link shows invalid for the 4th transaction

Hey! Isn’t your Problem solved with that Video from YouTube. As I have even purchased that and helping me a lot for accepting payments from the user.

If you want i can help you to use paytm api .

Can you tell me how to use paytm API in kodular.

Using webview. There are many tutorials on yt

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