Paytm payment using OCR

Hello, I’m trying to create a paytm payment system using OCR. The payment gets successful but it doesn’t notify and also the data doesn’t get stored. Please check the blocks.

Use Do it to debug your blocks. Temporarily add a label and set label’s text to get response Content from OCR because according to your blocks if response contains …then …Does response content contains Paid Succesfully or not ?

After Storing response contant in label text, I should put a condition - if contains text - label, piece “Paid Successfully”. That’s it right?

Simply add a label and when ocr got response set label to get response content. Check result, does label text is Paid succesfully or not ?

It’s a bad idea to use ocr for catching the results. Instead of it use Paytm web implementation method with php script you can find tutorial on YouTube also

You can also use custom webview and use Find String block
to check for value in the web page