PDF & Video Off-line but INSIDE the APK?

Hello coders.

I have read A LOT of topics and found some great information regarding PDF reader and video reader.
Every topic was on how to play/read a file that is online (ftp server or specific URL) or on the memory of the phone (at a specific place)
But here is the thing I would like to create an app that can read PDF and reproduce videos completly OFF-LINE and without having to share the APK & the files with a tutorial on where to download them.
Is it possible to add those files (PDF and video) as ASSETS and reach them directly?
I know that the APK will be huge but this meets my requirements (no internet and “IT stupid” proof).
Thanks for your comments and ideas.

Yes that is possible. videos can be viewed the the video component inside Kodular and pdf can be viewed with the help of @Taifun


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was the user tagged by mistake?

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Thank you for you quick answer Peter.
OK for the video I will look better in this subject.
Regarding the PDF solution it looks great but it is a paying extension. Don’t mistaken me, I really think that a hard work need a good pay, however I am doing coding for fun and I am looking for free extentions of work around stuff.

Thanks for pointing that out. It was a typo. I corrected it in the post and in your response.