Pdf Viewer other than Google Drive

Hello There,
please help me with how to show pdf online in dynamic mode like
using a list connected with airtable and showing the pdf in the list without using gdrive
i.e I want an alternative way to show pdf than google drive
it takes way to long even for 2 mb pdf

I think there are extensions for in app Pdf viewer

First download the pdf in a ASD folder as cache.pdf
When downloaded, use pdf to image extension to convert it into images then make your own pdf viewer using layouts.


I am a Complete newbie
Please help a bit more . I dont have that level of technical knowledge

Just reply me what you’ve tried.

sorry mam, what i do now is created a list view connected with airtable and inserted gdrive links and if user want to download it i use extended webviewer and have defines the set of the blocks (on download needed).
But Now What I want is that a folder should be created in internal storage and when the users wants to view it again he should not download or waste net again . & get it easily.

and I wont lie but i dont even know or getting an idea of how to dot it
so there is no such thing what i have tried

After downloading you can use tiny db and open them through activity starter !!!


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try webviewer or this extension -