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Hello to all #koders!

I want to share the progress of one of the applications I’m doing (Represented by AB Studios - my other account)

The application is a project that I have been commissioned to perform, so it is not really mine

But I still want to share the progress and welcome anyone who wants to collaborate with the translation of this

Soon more details and the list of extensions used (I know @Peter is always reviewing that and I really do not know why he does it :roll_eyes:)


The application uses Airtable :airtable: as a database and made in the best application creator

You can also help me by donating via PayPal to make better applications and for my studies (As they say, buy me a coffee) here: PayPal.Me

Or help the Kodular platform here: Donate | Kodular


esta increible muy bueno te felicito

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Buenisimo!! Una pregunta, como hiciste el Status bar transparente? En la screen de la info de la película. Buenisimo trabajo. Nosotros tenemos una asi también.

Gracias! Pienso publicar otra aparte para los fans de Kally’s Mashup (Con múltiples idiomas)
Que también tiene un diseño increíble!! (Increíble lo que se puede hacer con Kodular :kodular:)

Con la licencia de MTV Media Networks para publicar en Google Play :google_play:

Con la extensión Parallax (Sinceramente mal nombrada) de Andres Daniel

Ahhh, bien. Gracias. Buenisima tu app. Una reseña nuestra, deberías poner margenes en los costados de la sinopsis de las películas.

Lo hice, sólo que esa captura es de hace 2 horas atrás :sweat_smile:

Well …i want to say that please write in english.
English is official language so write in english.

It should not be like that, Spanish is the most spoken language before English, I do not know why so many preferences :roll_eyes:

hola me parece una exelente app te felicito cuando estara lista masomenos? me gustaria probarla se ve muy buena felicidades

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Bueno, sinceramente creo que estará lista dentro de una o dos semanas (En la parte de Airtable :airtable:, demás la aplicación ya está casi pronta)

ok gracias por responder a esperar se ha dicho lo bueno lleva tiempo y este es un trabajo exelente

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lo bueno lleva*

You are allowed to use any language in PM but in topics you have to post in english.
These are community guidelines.

And again with the guidelines / rules :roll_eyes:

It’s like the “I am like that”, how boring it is to always be the same,

Community has some rules and everyone has to follow them.
What is if I talk to you in Hindi?
Hindi is also popular language just behind English.

Maybe it is boring for you but posting in English ensures that most of the community users can understand your post.Since your posts represent your thoughts so it will be best that most users can understand your thoughts and reply to them or show their own thoughts.
So everyone has to follow community guidelines and no one is exception.

I am sorry if I have hurt your feeling.
My intent was not to hurt anyones feelings.


Well since you ask. It is a sign of respect to let developers know you use their extensions. And secondly. Do you have permission to air those shows/series in your app?

I unlist this for the moment until you can show me that you have permission from the studios who made those movies of series.


English is the official language of the community because everyone understands the language.

Please translate all your posts to English, or I’ll have to unlist this topic. :slightly_smiling_face: