Pending Monetization approval

please I need urgent support for this case
The first time I sent my app to approval take more than 10 days, then rejected without any reasons
However, I have modified the program name and its explanation
Since then, I have not received any responses
now my app waits for approval from three weeks agoqqqqqqq

Wait for 2 weeks as it says.

This is how many days I have already waited

But it says you’ve requested monetization approval 4 days ago.

This message means I have to wait for a period of two weeks and four days
I know for sure when I sent for approval

These much days you’ve waited for. You’ve to wait upto 2 weeks.

Thanks for your concern but this is not the solution

Wait another 11 days. App will be reviewed with in that period.

From 4 days ago, you have to wait 2 weeks. In other words, as of today you have to wait another 10 days.

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