Performance Problem in Eagle 1.4.2 - Splash Enabled

I was comparing the performance of the Draco version and the Eagle version and found a problem in the execution of the animations. Circular Progress, Linear Progressbar and Bottom Navigation in the Eagle version have small delays for execution, after a few seconds they behave normally. The most notorious is Bottom Navigation that in Draco you could go through each window quickly, now it takes a long time to go from sale to window in Eagle. Without many changes I increase the size of the apk between Draco and Eagle. It takes a long time to go from Splash Image to the Screen. The problems are not yet resolved in version 1.4.2, I hope you can solve the problems.

PD: You have a better performance of the app in the Companion, than in the installed apk.

I’m facing same problem with circular process , I added process animation when someone switch screen but animation stuck and directly open other screen after 4-5 sec

I also use the bottom bar. I have no problem with it.

I was testing the app and this situation only occurs when Splash Enabled is enabled