Permanent Notification

I am making an app and i want permanent notification which cant be removed
because i want to show like download progress but where do i get it i cant found any notification component which give that type of notification

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i found myself ,for those who were searching
strange why i always get my answer before people:cold_face:


Hahaā€¦ Thatā€™s not a bad thing. :+1:
Probably it happens because you try yourself after asking in community.

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but mai thing is i try many times before asking but dont get
then i ask
then also try and after sometime get
but never get before asking:face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile:

That means even God wants you to help others who might have questions in their minds as same as you. :+1::grinning:

:thinking: that can be :joy:
atleast i am helping some one
god will give fruit to me :rofl:

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Yeah of course :+1:
That is said ā€œGod helps those who help themselvesā€.
Thatā€™s why you find answers to your own questions.

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