Create a permanent notification?


Short question.
Is there any way to create a message that is permanent, so you can not accidentally wipe it off.
Maybe with a button underneath to delete the message.

Because I have made an emergency app and with the message then important information should be displayed.

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t clearly understand you…
But I think perhaps you can use labels to make some not deleting message…
If you explain more clearly what you want to do then others can help property :confused:

Do it with the layout components.

Disable back button, and it will force the user to have to close the app a different way.

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Not what I mean. I mean a push notification that is sent once and stays there permanently.

I think you want to make a notification which doesn’t gets closed when swiped by the user.

It means the app must be running in the background which is not possible in Kodular or anyother builders.

For now you cannot make such notification.

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