How to make a notification show only once?

I have created an app and on the home screen a welcome notification is shown to the users. My question is how can I make that notification only show once? Thanks in advance

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Use tinyDb and save a tag like notification.
When your app starts under initialize if value of tag notification is true show message and change value to false . The second time the if control find false value and doesn’t show message . Remember that tiny is a local Db so if user delete app memory or uninstall your app the message will show again , for one time :sweat_smile:

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If get value = true then show notification and store value to false in tinyDb :+1:t2:


It didn’t work for me, it keeps showing the notification

Without else if

Remember to add the block to store the new value of the tag notification , I suggest you before the notification block

Sorry, I’m new to kodular. Thanks

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Of course, there are a lot of guides and interesting posts in this community and a lot of power users :muscle: You have to read a lot :sweat_smile:
Check as solved in the right post if you ok :+1:

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It worked right?

It doesn’t work for me. These are the blocks I put.

Inside if and before the custom dialog

New pic uploaded @Jesus4

blocks (2)

blocks (2)

False as I wrote :sweat_smile:

If you test on companion remember to delete the value on tinyDb for the first test, use clear db , the control if doesn’t find a value then got true so shows notification. After first start the value go to false so the if control doesn’t show message anymore . But as I said if user delete memory app or uninstall app the message will show again

Are these blocks executed when the screen initializes?

Yes , it’s ok in initialize.

I did it as you told me and it still doesn’t work

Show the blocks you are using now

blocks (2)