Permission error 10168

I tested Download option on Samsung J4 plus , and this error appears. It’s working fine for others mobile phones.

I have added no blocks for permission. If there are such blocks that ask for a one time permission please guide.

Has blocked external storage write so ask permission to write


It means that your app hasn’t been granted permission to write external storage

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It will be a great pleasure if you refer me to post or tell me what blocks I need to do so because I am a Beginner.

This block that you use in .initialize

Here if the user denies permission, in my case, he returns to the home screen.
But you can close the app if the user does not accept the permission.


Call screen 1 ask for permission “android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”


Is it a one time permission or the user have to do it every time he performs the action “Download”?

Do it once.
But if he uninstalls the app and installs it again, he must accept the permission again.

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Ok thank you so much :+1:

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Mark the solution for the topic


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