Permission Error 908 , 201 ( IMAGE PICKER, CAMERA)

Hello everyone i am making an application in which i want to upload Pictures from thr application and upload it on to clodianry so for that i have usend Tow components one Camera to capture picture and upload directly and another image picker but they both are not working having a error code 908 and 201 can any ome please help me out

If there is no solution then any one make a simple app for me using Android studio where there will be no permission error

Let me search the community for you


Can you give me the direct solution of it i am not getting it

Read the links to find the solution yourself, try something and if you got stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


Can anyone build for me my admin panel app or website only to create a new data on spreadsheet to upload a image on cloudainary upload data on air table update data and all if you can then pm me

Its not working

you forgot to


not working its showing the error code 908