Permission error in my app

Hi guys,
I am creating an app for the first time using time with the guides in community. My scope of the app is to take picture in camera and watermark the location tag and upload it to cloudinary. my app works fine when i test it in companion. But when i export my app and test it as apk the camera component and location sensor works perfectly, but when i capture the image it returns me PERMISSION_DENIED_ERROR.

Components in my app:

  1. Location sensor - to get location tag
  2. Camera - To take picture(I have used replace text for “camera did not return image”)
  3. Image editor - To add watermark tot the image
  4. Cloudinary - to upload image

I have the working video of my app in companion and also in the apk. I have added the aia file of my appGoogle_maps_V1.aia (22.4 KB).
Please help me to rectify the problem

Video in Companion

Video in APK