Permission please solution

I want to display the airtable data on a different screen, but this block doesn’t seem to work, please provide an example of the block, thank you

I’m sorry I don’t seem to understand your blocks. But if you mean that you fetch the data on screen 1 for example and want to use it on screen 2, than try static variable extension or passing the value when opening another screen. There is a block to open screen with something you want to pass to the other.

I have uploaded photos and biodata using airtable on screen1, then I want to display the photos and biodata on screen2, what is the block example? thank you

If you’re uploading to Airtable than why not use get column block on screen 2 and get the values?

The block is called something like " open another screen with plain text" i forgot tbh. I’m on phone. It was below the open another screen block.

does that mean do you have to use buttons? but what I mean is that after uploading photos and biodata, they can be displayed on screen2, without using buttons

No buttons, just upload the data in screen 1
and get the values from airtable in screen 2.

is there an example block?

Search on the community about using airtable. Also check kodular docs.

Ok, thank you

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