Permission Required for Admob

I am not allowed to create post . so replying here. In my projects section there is no option to apply for admob approval. No help or guide steps are matching to be followed exactly to apply for approval. So finally I am disabling admob and moving ahead to publish in Playstore. If system is not improved then enjoy losing the revenue. Atleast for money earning simple guide and approval should be there but seems no one is interested here to earn.

Can you post a screenshot to prove this?

False. You obviously haven’t searched the forum.

What revenue?

There’s plenty of information. Like I said above you need to search the forum. Some people want to earn, others want to learn.

Now, with all that out of the way, can you tell us about your app?

Thanks whatever you preached. But you will never be able to post a single link depicting the process of approval which i already searched. So whatever guide is available there is no control panel dashboard available on my login. Whenever i open it it comes to this page. See the screenshot. Nowhere i can apply for admob approval. So be serious people are losing revenue.

Scroll down and post a screenshot of what it says under Monetization.

Here it is … There is no approval options.

Are you serious? Can you not read?

What does this tell you?


Just wait until turns into this:

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Thanks but no one can daydream to know that this will happen. Atleast such important thing deserve proper topic that too tagged on top.

Everyone else seems to understand. If something tells you to wait for a period of time you wait. If you had searched the forum you would also have known. This has been asked so many times now which is why it’s really annoying each time someone makes the exact same topic or post over and over again

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Hello @Vinod_Kotiya!

You can find the overall process described here - Kodular Support - How can I show ads in my app ?