Permission Required for Admob

I just make a simple app that actually doesn’t require any permissions, I want to monetize my app with Google Admob. Are there any permissions that should be asked to the users? What are those? Is it okay if I don’t ask permission? Because I don’t want to make the users feel uncomfortable.

Thank you.

P.S.: I have searched on Koduar Community and also on Google, but I don’t find a suitable answer for my case.

And have you checked out the documentation?

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As a follow up to this (I’ve searched but not got a satisfactory answer):

Say I put ads in an app. In the EU we need to ask for permission to show personalised or non-personalised ads.

Will the app automatically detect if the use is European and will it then automatically ask for permission?


Does the app creator need to create a notifier asking for permission?

You should really use the search function.
If the user is located in europe he is then asked automatic

I did use search but it doesn’t work properly

Okay I’m sorry.

I have just read this page : AdMob Banner - Kodular Docs

But I don’t understand whether I should ask the permissions with blocks manually or it automatically ask the permissions as I use the admob component.

When a user uses your app for the first time it will automatically ask them for permission so you don’t need to do anything for the first time.

However, you should add a screen where a user can change their preference (personalised or non-personalised). I don’t know how to do this though.

Also I’m not sure what the Ad Closed and Ad Opened blocks do.

So I don’t need to add these blocks since it will do automatically?

I don’t know about those.

I’m trying to create a test aia for Admob but it isn’t working. It’s not asking for consent or showing test ads even though in designer I’ve checked Consent Developer Mode and Test Mode.


Does Admob_Banner1 Revoke Consent block do anything?

It doesn’t seem to work. I though when you revoke consent a new message would pop up automatically asking for consent.

Hi Deanart,

Did you find a way ?


No I’m afraid not so I just gave up. If someone can figure it out then I’ll use ads but until then I won’t risk it.

Hi @Mika,

It seems that several user encounter the same issue with the revoke consent function. Doesn’t matter if you call it, the variable “Personnalized result” stay to TRUE.

You can have a look on this topic or on this one too : Problems with admob

Have any idea ? Does this function is not properly working because of the develloper and test mode, do we do somethings wrong ? or does it not working properly at all ?


Yes it does something. It deletes the before given consent.
And no there will be no pop up after the block was used…

Why? A new consent dialog will be shown automatic if a new ad is trying to load…

That is never an option on Kodular :slight_smile:



Should it work with test mode tick ?

Even If I tick the consent devellopement mode, I didnt get any new message requesting consent after using revokes.consent block. Moreover the perzonalized.result variable stay locked on TRUE.

This is why Deanartn other and myself are confused

If consent development mode = true
You will get on every ad load the consent dialog NO matter if you are located in europe or not

If consent development mode = false
You will get on every ad load the consent dialog ONLY if you are located in europe and you did not done the consent before

@deanart2012, @Mika, future readers,

The consent devellopement mode will not show any message until your add is in Test mode. If you untick the test mode and if your app is not approved by kodular for monetizing then the only way to see the consent message is to use the companion.

The revoke.Consent function properly set the variable personalized Result to false only when you use the app trought smartphone.

It means, if you want to check revoke.consent block + personalized.result variable, then you need to ask for monetizing approval to kodular and finnaly check the app trought smartphone.


Thanks for that.