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I’ve placed admob banner in my app. I’ve enabled 'Consent development mode' and 'Test mode' too. When I open the screen, the test ad gets displayed, however, I don’t get the consent pop-up.
Although I’m a non-EU resident, the consent dialog should supposedly pop-up as I have enabled ‘Consent development mode’. Is this a bug? If not, how can I solve this problem? Please help me.
I’ve done a lot of research in the community and Google but couldn’t get any possible solution.

Thanks in advance!

Well, what are you trying to infer through this?

Show your blocks





Can anyone please help me with this issue?

i once had the same problem. But the Consent dialog appears when you have uploaded the app in the Play console. You can upload your app as an internal test and then it will work when you are in the Eu.
The only problem now is that i have noticed that when select the consent, the app still displays personalized ads. I have now done it this way and set it via the Admob account.There is an option to only show non-personalized ads to users in the Eu. Hope this helps.
Many greetings

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Thanks Alex!
I actually wanted to see how the consent dialog looks that will be shown to the EU users. But, seems that it is a bug in Kodular, due to which I’m unable to see the consent dialog, although Consent Development mode is on.

I actually didn’t understand what you meant by the above :arrow_up: statements. It will be great if you please kindly clarify this?
Thanks a lot!

You can find the option EU user consent in your Admob account under Blocking Controls. There you can select that users in the EU will only be shown non-personalized ads, for example.This then applies to all apps. Then you don’t have to worry whether the consent works within the app, because you have set non-personalized ads via the Admob account. Hope this helps.

Hi Alex!
Thanks for letting me know about this feature. So, basically the consent thing in Kodular, including the ‘Revoke consent’ block doesn’t work, right?

At least in my test the switching between non-personalized and personalized ads did not work. The revoke consent block works.

Okay. Thank you so much for helping me out!

With pleasure no problem.

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I have now tested it again in more detail and the consent dialog does work. It switches between personalized and non-personalized ads. Sorry for the wrong information.
Many greetings

Oh! That’s great!
Thank you for letting me know! :grinning:

You’re welcome!
Maybe see you soon! :wave:

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