ADMOB Automatic Consent Message Not Showing Up

My problem is, that i would like to see the kodular integrated consent message for EU users for admob. I see the message in the designer in the admob component. Default messages: Title : Data protection
message: Can we continue to use your data to tailor ads for you?

I undestand it in that way: When the Consent Development Mode is on, it always shoult be visible in .apk. But i never see it. I already tried it with a clock (wait to show the admob banner)/Procedure integration and some other combinations. The banner always works perfect, but i never see the consent message.
Logically i supposed it should always be visible when the app starts and when development mode is on, or not?
Many thanks

Do you have any tips? maybe it is a bug, or do i something wrong? Now i have tested my blocks with another phone, but it still dont work…hope you can help. Thanks


How many times is the consent suppose to show for the user in EU countries?? i am asking because in development mode, it shows anytime an ads wants to load even if the user has previously clicked ok. its a bit distracting so please any idea how it actually works in published mode? and how to prevent the dialog from continuously popping up
@Boban @Diego

That’s why we added the test mode that you can look how the dialog will looks in production.

If test mode is on for consent then you will see the dialog on every load.
If you think your app is finished and ready, then just disable the consent development mode.
That’s it.


Thank you Friend! Understood